Quality interim management driven by data and relationships

Quality interim management driven by data and relationships

Capacify provides clients with the ideal interim consultant by assuring quality relationships and data-driven assessments.

We believe that close relationships are key to giving our clients and consultants the best interim service.

How do we do it?

Focusing on quality in the interim market space, we want to provide the best match and delivery experience between consultants and clients through better insight into assignments, culture, skills and traits.

We have seen the development in the interim market space for the last 15 years gradually going from focusing on high quality and taking the time to understand the client and consultants needs and ambitions, to rather focusing on just passing on CV:s, hoping for a match and just being a transactional agent.

We focus on being an advisory partner to both the client and consultants. We want to challenge and create higher value and transparency towards our clients and consultants.

Three things that enables us to do this:

  • Our approach and the people we recruit internally must have this mindset.
  • We level the playing field for consultants through our TI Platform. This gives our clients a better chance of making the best possible decision when choosing consultant.
  • We have a competence know-how inhouse like no other interim firm. We can support our clients and consultants, with employed expert consultants. Also, internationally.

Our values


We keep it simple and transparent.

We search for smarter paths.

We don’t do politics.


We mean business and work hard, but there is always time for laughter.

It’s not about afterwork, it’s about enjoying work.

We are at our best when our mind and body is in balance.


We are open minded, striving to be unbiased.

Personality, competence and potential says more about someone than a resume.

We are constant learners.


We commit to what we will deliver. And then aim even higher.

We are present, focused and to the point.

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