Digitally enabled interim management

On Capacify, professionals can build their competence profiles, selecting their core skills and having them ranked by previous colleagues and clients. This creates fully comparable competence resumés – as opposed to traditional muddled ‘title resumés’.

By using this data on ‘who knows what (really well)’ we are able match our clients’ assignments to actual competences instead of guessing based on backgrounds, appearance, ethnicity, age or self confidence.

For our clients this means that they can focus completely on the best personal and cultural fit to their team since they know the presented individuals possess the right competences.

For consultants on our platform this means they receive feedback on what their previous clients and colleagues view as their greatest strengths and what they could benefit from working on. It also means they are presented with assignments based on their actual strengths and, finally, that they can elevate themselves above the crowd by showcasing their external Capacify profile.

We both work directly with clients, helping them fill interim and project management roles, and use our technology to support buyers and intermediaries in this field. Most of the profiles on Capacify are managers and experts within the fields of general management, project management, Finance, IT and HR.

We are a new company and we are building it into the company we would love to work for. Innovation and competence are cornerstones of our strategy and so is culture. Our culture is built on simplicity, curiosity, excellence and fun.

Our values


We keep it simple and transparent.

We search for smarter paths.

We don’t do politics.


We mean business and work hard, but there is always time for laughter.

It’s not about afterwork, it’s about enjoying work.

We are at our best when our mind and body is in balance.


We are open minded, striving to be unbiased.

Personality, competence and potential says more about someone than a resume.

We are constant learners.


We commit to what we will deliver. And then aim even higher.

We are present, focused and to the point.