Quality interim management driven by data and relationships

Capacify was built on the idea that interim management can be done better to the mutual benefit of clients and interim consultants. The three founders of Capacify strongly felt this could be achieved through focusing on professionalism, simplicity, transparency and technology excellence.

At the heart of this vision was to develop a technology to digitalize information on ‘who is really good at what’. This information exists but companies are often unable to access it. According to Leadership IQ, 46% of all new hires are deemed failures after 18 months. We want to change that.

Less than six months after the Capacify story started, in November 2019, Capacify’s competence platform went live. Since then +1 800 consultants have created profiles on our platform. Per June 2021 we have performed over 160 consultant assignments at our clients.

Together we are creating the company we would love to work for. Innovation, partnership and competence are cornerstones of our strategy and culture.

Our values


We keep it simple and transparent.

We search for smarter paths.

We don’t do politics.


We mean business and work hard, but there is always time for laughter.

It’s not about afterwork, it’s about enjoying work.

We are at our best when our mind and body is in balance.


We are open minded, striving to be unbiased.

Personality, competence and potential says more about someone than a resume.

We are constant learners.


We commit to what we will deliver. And then aim even higher.

We are present, focused and to the point.