Capacify Partner Program

Our joint network keeps growing as more and more consultants join Capacify. It is time to put this great community to use – to the benefit of all its members – and to reward everyone who helps growing it. Here is how we do this:

Help generate business – Do you have a business opportunity? Leads that convert into assignments are rewarded with 4% of revenue first six months (60,000 kronor for 1.5 million). Leads must be new to Capacify and include a personal intro to qualify. Reach out to Christoffer Schnakenberg! BTW, we know how important it is to feel comfortable when recommending. If you want us to, we will always discuss proposed consultants with you before putting them forward.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas?

We love to talk to you. Reach out to Sara for further details.


+46 73-098 86 38

[email protected]

Are you a freelance recruiter or interim management broker? Did you know Capacify has a special partnership model for you that could significantly improve your response and win rates? Contact Kristoffer Fredriksson to find out more.